Scientist looking at test tubes

Discovery platform

Sareum’s SKIL® (Sareum Kinase Inhibitor Library) discovery platform is based on a chemical template which can be adapted to inhibit many different kinases. SKIL compounds demonstrate high potency with good selectivity. Lead compounds have been developed that are suitable for i.v. or oral administration.

The intellectual property surrounding the SKIL chemical template, specific examples and their uses is protected by granted and pending patents.

The SKIL platform has generated compounds for Sareum's TYK2/JAK1 and FLT3 autoimmune disease programmes and its Aurora+FLT3, ALK and VEGFR-3 kinase cancer programmes.

We routinely screen SKIL compounds to discover leads against new kinase targets. Due to our strong IP position, these leads have very low exposure to any competitors' patents that may have been filed but not yet published.

SKIL Diagram