Corporate governance


Sareum Holdings plc was listed on AIM on 11 October 2004. Although the rules of AIM do not require the Company to comply with the Combined Code on Corporate Governance (the Code), the Company fully supports the principles set out in the Code and will attempt to comply wherever possible, given the resources available to the Company. Details are provided below of how the Company applies the Code.

The Board

The Board of Directors comprises two Executive Directors and one independent Non-executive Director, the Chairman.

The Board generally meets monthly and receives reports covering finance, compliance, business development, safety, operations and science together with any other material deemed necessary for the Board to discharge its duties. It is the Board’s responsibility to review and approve the Group’s strategy, budgets, staff recruitment, major items of expenditure and acquisitions.

Under the Articles of Association, all Directors must offer themselves for re-election at least once every three years. One third of the Directors retire by rotation at every AGM and are eligible for re-appointment.

Board Committees

The Board has established an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee with written terms of delegated responsibilities. The terms of reference are as close to the model terms of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators as is possible for a Board with one independent Non-executive Director.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee currently comprises Dr Stephen Parker, Non-executive Chairman, and Dr Tim Mitchell, CEO. It is scheduled to meet twice a year. It is the Audit Committee’s role to provide formal and transparent arrangements covering the financial reporting and internal control requirements of the Code, whilst maintaining an appropriate relationship with the independent auditor of the Group.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee currently comprises Dr Stephen Parker, Non-executive Chairman. It meets at least once a year. It is the Remuneration Committee’s role to establish a formal and transparent policy on executive remuneration and to set remuneration packages for individual Directors. The Committee also ensures that recommendations made by the Executive Directors on staff remuneration are appropriate and fair from a shareholder’s perspective.

Shareholder relations

The Company meets with its institutional shareholders and analysts as appropriate and uses the AGM to encourage communication with shareholders. In addition, the Company issues the Annual Report and Accounts, Interim Statement and press releases as well as using its website ( to provide further information to shareholders.

Internal control and risk management

The Board is responsible for the systems of internal control and for reviewing their effectiveness. The internal controls are designed to manage rather than eliminate risk and provide reasonable but not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss. The Audit Committee reviews the effectiveness of these systems annually. This it does primarily by discussions with the external auditor and by considering the risks potentially affecting the Group.

The Group does not have an internal audit function since the administrative function is very small. Instead there is a detailed Director review and authorisation of transactions. The annual audit by the Group auditor, which tests a sample of transactions, did not highlight any significant system improvements in order to reduce risks.

A comprehensive budgeting process is completed once a year and is reviewed and approved by the Board. The Group’s results, compared with the budget, are reported to the Board on a monthly basis and discussed in detail.

The Group maintains appropriate insurance cover in respect of actions taken against the Executive Directors because of their roles, as well as against material loss or claims against the Group. The insured values and types of cover are comprehensively reviewed on a periodic basis.

Corporate social responsibility

Sareum is a small, motivated team of professional people which operates to high standards. These standards include a commitment to best practice in meeting the Company’s social responsibilities.

Health and safety

The Company is proactive in considering the safety of staff, visitors and the public. It had no notifiable safety incidents during the year and no working days were lost due to accidents.


Sareum is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in the recruitment, engagement and treatment of its staff. Environment Sareum disposes of its waste products using reputable agents. The Company’s landlord provides these agents to enable it to recycle its waste as appropriate.