First UK Installation of Next Generation Protein Structure Determination Technology

Sareum Holdings plc (AIM: SAR), the structure-based drug discovery and services business, and Rigaku/MSC, a world leader in X-ray instrumentation, are pleased to announce the first UK installation of Rigaku/MSC's new HiFlux HomeLab™, based on the latest generation micro-focus X-ray diffractometers.

This equipment enables Sareum to significantly increase the quality and throughput of the protein structure determination capability of its unique drug discovery platform by providing full-time access to the state-of-the-art in laboratory X-ray diffraction. The Rigaku/MSC HiFlux HomeLab™ system provides up to six times greater useable X-ray flux than traditional X-ray machines.

Commenting on the announcement, Sareum's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tim Mitchell, said: "We are extremely excited to have the first UK installation of this new standard in X-ray technology. This major extension of our capabilities in protein structure determination will greatly benefit both our customers and our internal research."

Commenting on the announcement, Rigaku/MSC's European Sales Manager, Richard Tyrrell, said: "Sareum's choice to install a state of the art next generation MicroMax™ 007HF generator and VariMax™HF optics gives them a highly flexible and stable machine." The versatility of the VariMax™HF optics, allowing structure determination over a wide range of unit cell lengths, combined with the ultra bright microfocus source means virtually any project can be tackled with ease. This optimum combination will give Sareum the ability to collect rapid high resolution data in-house and offers many major advantages over existing rotating anode generators."

For further information:

Sareum Holdings 01223 497700
Tim Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer

Rigaku/MSC 01732 763367
Richard Tyrrell, European Sales Manager

Buchanan Communications 020 7466 5000
Tim Anderson, Mary-Jane Johnson

Notes for editors:

About Sareum Holdings plc

Sareum Holdings plc is a structure based drug discovery business headquartered in Cambridge, UK. The Company was formed in August 2003 to discover new drugs for the treatment of cancer and inflammation and to provide a range of drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry. Sareum's unique approach aims to halve the time it takes to discover new drug candidates.

Structure-based drug discovery involves the determination of a disease causing protein's three-dimensional structure. Once the structure is known, novel chemical entities are designed to 'lock-in' to the protein with the aim of reversing or arresting a disease's progression. Sareum's approach to structure based drug discovery is to produce multiple recombinant proteins primarily through a baculovirus expression system; determine their structure using x-ray crystallography; and then use the Company's template-molecule x-ray screening technology to identify new chemical entities that interact with the target protein. Sareum then uses its high-throughput medicinal chemistry platform to rapidly synthesise further molecules and develop the most promising into potential drug candidates.

Sareum offers its accelerated drug discovery capabilities on a fee basis to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and also intends to license out any internally generated drug candidates at the Phase I or Phase II clinical trials stage. Sareum joined the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange in October 2004 and trades under the symbol SAR.

About Rigaku/MSC

Rigaku/MSC is a leading producer of crystallographic hardware, software and contract research. As a division of the Rigaku Corporation, Rigaku/MSC acts as a distributor and manufacturer for all of Rigaku's product lines (including single crystal and general X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence and semiconductor metrology) throughout the world. With over 1100 employees worldwide, the Rigaku Group has the technical strength and resources to continue providing innovative and reliable products for the crystallographic community far into the future. Rigaku is the world's largest analytical X-ray instrument producer.

More than just a distributor, Rigaku/MSC designs and manufactures many peripherals to enhance the performance of Rigaku generators, detectors and goniometers. Examples of Rigaku/MSC products include X-ray optical systems, cryogenic devices, an Xe derivative device, as well as single and multiple taper CCD detectors. In addition, Rigaku/MSC has a strong scientific development program for data acquisition, processing and structure solution software as well as a core-tool software development group that develops instrumentation software in conjunction with the whole Rigaku Group. Finally, Rigaku/MSC offers contract research services for small and macromolecular crystallography. The ability to provide research services has a synergistic effect with the development of new products in that new ideas for software and hardware are constantly generated and tested in the same application laboratory.

Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX USA, Rigaku/MSC is housed in a new 40,000 sq. ft. custom-designed building. This facility contains a large and fully equipped application laboratory, customer service facility, engineering and manufacturing facility as well as housing sales, marketing, financial and crystallographic R&D groups. European operations are managed from the Rigaku/MSC Europe branch office located outside of London, while Rigaku/MSC's core-tool software development group is located in Provo, Utah, USA. Rigaku/MSC's sister company, Osmic, a major producer of X-ray and neutron optics and instrumentation, is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.