Current collaborations

Collaboration partners are important to our business model. They help us to spread the financial cost of our development programmes and mitigate the risk to our business by enabling us to pursue multiple programmes for the same research spend. In addition we are able to access our partners’ specialist research expertise.

We currently have the following co-development collaborations:



SRI International TYK2/JAK1 (Autoimmune)
Chinese Specialty Pharma (un-named) FLT3+Aurora


SRI International

SRI is a non-profit research and development institute based in Silicon Valley. It brings its innovations to the marketplace through technology licensing, new products, and spin-off ventures. SRI's Biosciences division carries out drug discovery research and development to advance programmes towards in-human clinical trials. Its product pipeline has yielded marketed drugs and therapeutics currently in clinical trials.
In addition to funding the programme biology, the collaboration with SRI gives Sareum access to world-class autoimmune disease biology and drug development expertise.